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~ It would seem that Realms of Fantasy has folded.  Again.  That sucks under any circumstances, but on a selfish note, I'm feeling more disappointed this time around since I had finally gotten a story passed up the editorial food chain there.  *sigh*

~ On the positive side of things, my cold is on its way out.  I'm still coughing and sniffling a little bit, which hasn't made singing real fun this past week, but overall I'm feeling huge amounts of better.

~ I've been finding it difficult to focus my thoughts for a writing-related post.  I'm feeling a little--I don't know, adrift, I suppose.  Not sure which way is up or down when it comes to my writing.  Trying to de-vague that is making my brain hurt, so I'll just leave it at that.
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On the publication (or lack thereof) front...

Unfortunately, the magazine that accepted my post-apocalyptic zombie story last year appears to be a little on the dead side.  Duotrope's declared them so some time back (website not updated in some time, no reply to their inquiries...the usual).  I waited it out a bit longer, wanting to give the benefit of the doubt, but it's been over a year with no sign of any future issues surfacing.  I never received any kind of contract, so I finally sent an email officially withdrawing my story from the publication (on the off-chance there's ever any further activity there). The perils of trying a new publication, alas.  [And editing this entry to add: I heard back from the submissions editor who had accepted my story, and she confirmed that things aren't moving forward at this point and that I should try the story elsewhere.]  I've since sent the story off shambling in search of a new home, so here's hoping. 

And on the My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel front...

Between Sirens and sniffling, not a lot of progress lately, but what little progress I've made has been good progress.  At first the chapter 2 rewrite was laying some serious hurt on my brain.  It was an unfortunate case of conflicting critique comments knocking my internal compass off-kilter, with comments like "The characterization is great but the pacing is a bit too slow" followed by "I think you should slow things down and spend more time letting us get to know the characters."  But I managed to find my footing again, figure out what felt right to me, and get the rewrite off to a good start.
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I posted back in June that I had sold my story "The Rite of Life-Giving" to Flashing Swords after a long and tortured submission history that went something like this:

May 2006: I write the story
June 2006: The story sells to an online publication after a rewrite request
Sept. 2006: The online publication folds before the story is published
Jan. 2007: Five submissions later, Flashing Swords folds while the story is in their slush pile
Nov. 2007: Two submissions later, someone has revived Flashing Swords, so I try again
Dec. 2007: I get a rewrite request from Flashing Swords but I can't figure out how to address the requested changes, so I decline
Sept. 2008: Four submissions later, another magazine folds while the story's in their slush pile. But I finally figure out how to tackle that rewrite request, so I do it and try the story again at Flashing Swords.
June 2009: Several queries and at least two editors for the magazine later, the story sells to Flashing Swords
Nov. 6, 2009: A teaser cover and TOC for issue 13 is posted, so I begin to think this story is finally going to see the light of day
Nov. 20, 2009: An email is sent to contributors announcing that publication of Flashing Swords has been suspended indefinitely

Between all of that and the fact that this is one of the few sales I've made this year, about the best response I can muster is, "Balls." At least they waited until the day after my birthday to deliver the bad news.
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My brain and priorities were all over the place today, so I won't pretend to have tried to stick to the slug-fighting schedule. But I wasn't entirely unproductive.  Actually, I got everything done except the exercise and the writing, and I spent a hefty chunk of time going over a grant proposal I had volunteered to help with for the chorus I sing with. So I guess that counts for something.

On a sucktastic note, Realms of Fantasy closing is a major bummer.

On a pleasant note, I saw that I was among the "Other nice work came from..." folks mentioned in Rich Horton's yearly summary of Hub.

On a random note, AsYouKnowBob told me that I was singing in my sleep last night--the night after reading the chapter on music and dreams in Musicophilia.

On another random note, I need to see if I have anything in Ye Olde Costume Trunk with which I can steampunk myself up a bit.


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