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So I lied about eventually having a more substantial post last week (not that I think anyone was eagerly awaiting one, especially given my half-assed blogging tendencies of late). I had intended to write a post last week, but I got distracted by something that was probably far more worthwhile for me. I rediscovered how much I like words. 

I'm a fairly slow reader, so once I started grad school, I didn't have much time to read anything beyond assignments for class. And as soon as the spring semester ended, I had a big pile of critiques to get through for TNEO. But then, last week, a beautiful thing  happened: I was done with critiques, and I had before me an evening with no rehearsal, schoolwork, meetings, or anything else to do or go to. So I read. Fiction. For fun. For the first time in months. It was glorious. And it continues to be glorious.

In addition to getting to lose myself in someone else's words for a while, I also got to rediscover some joy in my own words. Even though I've still been working on fiction these last several months, my writing routine during my spring semester . . . well, I no longer had one. I squeezed in what I could where and when I could. And everything I was working on was revision. With deadlines. And therefore pressure.

But last week, I started a new story. Every day on the train ride to and from work, I've been writing. And when there's time in the evening, I write some more. And since it's not revision, I've been able to use my old battle-worn AlphaSmart (aka VoldeSmart). In other words, no shiny things on my Macbook to distract me. Just me and my words and no deadlines. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to just play.

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1) The non-shameless plug: Fantasy Magazine has a poll for the Best Fantasy Magazine Story of 2010. The shameless plug: my story "Mortis Persona" is among the stories you can vote for if you enjoyed it and feel so moved.

2) In a review of issue 20 of Black Static at Suite101, my story "The Wounded House" gets an "outstanding." I'll quite happily take that!

3) The readerly update: finished Zombies vs. Unicorns, and most definitely recommend it. Not every story in the anthology worked for me completely, but I thought they were all worth the read. My clear-cut favorites were Alaya Dawn Johnson's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (gay zombie romance for the win!) and Naomi Novik's "Purity Test" (snarky unicorns for the win!). Other standouts for me were "Bougainvillea" by Carrie Ryan, "The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn" by Diana Peterfreund, and "Inoculata" by Scott Westerfeld.
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As expected, this past week was rather weird for me schedule-wise.  Adjusting to the whole part-time from home day job shift was sort of like pulling on an old pair of pants; you're thrilled they fit again, but it's been so long since you've worn them that you're trying to remember which tops look right with them.  As a result, the time I spent trying on metaphorical tops meant I didn't do much fiction writing during the week.  At least until yesterday, when I finally got my ass out of the metaphorical dressing room.

After doing a small amount of research and photo scrounging on Thursday, I finally started the prequel-ish My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel short story.  Well, I had already written a first sentence or two and jotted down some notes a while back, but yesterday was when I finally sat my butt down and started writing in earnest.  The Silk Road Ensemble was kind of a "duh" soundtrack choice for working on a story set at a caravanserai, especially when one of the albums I have from them has a track called "Night at the Caravanserai."  And I threw Loreena McKennitt's "Caravanserai" onto my writing playlist for good measure.

After working on the short story for a bit, I switched gears slightly and did an hour writing exercise with some online folks for the first time in forever.  Recently, I've imposed all these huge expectations on myself as a writer, which often has the unfortunate side effect of making me petrified when I'm staring down a blank page.  This was a good way to tell those expectations where to shove it.  I turned off Serious Writer Brain and just goofed off for an hour by writing something silly that will probably never go anywhere beyond the exercise.  It was also my first time playing with Write or Die, which was a great help in turning off Serious Writer Brain.

And finally, on to the reading front:

Readerly update under the cut... )
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George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series has been on my to-read list for a while, but I haven't gotten to it yet, primarily for two reasons:
1) There's so much else on my to-read list that the thought of tackling a series makes my slow-reading self huddle in the corner and beg for mercy.
2) In feedback I've gotten on My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel (and even on Son of My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel, which I had written a significant chunk of before deciding to make some major changes to the first one), a few people have mentioned that it has a George R.R. Martin feel to it. Thankfully, they all appeared to be saying that in a this-is-a-good-thing way and not an oh-my-god-you-derivative-hack kind of way. So ideally, I'd like to finish rewriting My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel before tackling A Song of Ice and Fire so that I can read the series for the enjoyment factor and not spend the whole time in analytical writer mode wondering how my stuff (woefully) compares.

Anyway, to get a feel for the books without tackling the whole series, someone recommended that I read Martin's "The Hedge Knight," a novella set in the same world as A Song of Ice and Fire.  So over the weekend I went to the library and checked out the Legends anthology in which it originally appeared.  I'm not done reading the story yet, but my reaction so far can be summed up as follows:

1) GRRM is made of awesome.

2) I'm not worthy! I'm scum! I suck!
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1. Staycation!  I had some vacation days to use up before our fiscal year at work ends this month, so I took today, tomorrow and Monday off.  It's nice to remind myself what my house looks like.

2. Happiness is walking out of your local library on a beautiful day with a big fat book in one hand and an iced coffee in the other.  I love you, local library.

3. Still got a short story rewrite to get to today.  Must...stop...procrastinating...
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Stupid cold.  I could still be a functional human being if it was only the sniffling and sneezing, but the accompanying headache had me curled up in bed for a good chunk of today.  The headache's eased up for now--this is the first time I've been able to look at the computer for more than a few minutes without my eyes crossing--but it's been coming and going so much since yesterday that I fear it'll return.

The Writerly Update
Now that I've looked at my word count progress, I wish that I hadn't.  Only 1,600 words in the last 3 weeks.  Ugh.  I didn't expect great progress since my writing time recently has mostly been limited to my 20-minute morning train ride, but I didn't think it'd be that pathetic. I did finish rewriting the first scene in chapter 12 yesterday, at least.

37300 / 118000

The Readerly Update
The only advantage to my cold is that I had an excuse to sit down with some soup and a book and read for a couple hours today since, unlike the computer, that didn't make my headache worse.  I finished On Killing.  Overall, a fascinating read that I'd recommend...except for the last section, which derailed into what I felt was a flawed look at the effects of violence in movies and video games.  The book was best when it focused on the effects of killing in military combat, and it gave me a lot to think about in that regard, so still worth the read despite its final detour.

All of my reading for the last several months has been either non-fiction or short stories, so in deciding what to read next, I thought I'd go with a novel for a change of pace and grabbed The Silver Bough by Lisa Tuttle off my to-read shelf. Onward...
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So, last week?  It sucked a lot.  No writing time over the weekend?  Also sucked.  And rain and wind strong enough to knock over a big-ass pine tree and street light in the neighborhood when you're trying to move large pieces of furniture?  Yeah, that sucks too.

The Writerly Update
Close to 600 words into what is now chapter 12.  More revision wordage would have been nice, but considering the aforementioned suck, I’m amazed I got that much.

The Readerly Update
I’ve been reading On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society by Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, which has some really fascinating (and sometimes disturbing) stuff in it.  I put it on my “to read” list after [ profile] j_cheney had posted about it some time back.  It sounded like it’d be a good resource for a short story I’ve been planning to rewrite, and it’s delivering on that front.  What I didn’t realize was how useful it’d be for my novel rewrite as well.

Submission Land
I don’t think I’ve ever had this many submissions out at the 100-day+ mark all at one time before.  Luckily, working on the novel rewrite instead of a short stories at present has me obsessing over this less than I normally would.

Random Literary/Theatrical Musings
I saw a production of Romeo & Juliet Thursday night.  It’s been a while since I’ve read it or seen it performed, and the production made me realize why, unlike a lot of other Shakespeare, I don’t love this play.  Two things in particular: 1) The supporting characters are far more interesting than the protagonists.  I spend most of the play wanting to slap them.  2) After Romeo and Juliet have bit it and brought their angsty histrionics to an end, we have this moment where the friar stands there in the tomb telling the other characters everything we just saw happen.  "As You Know, Audience..."
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After a nice and relaxing week down the shore, I'm back home and emerging from my vacation-induced LJ hiatus.  I'm not even going to try to catch up with flist posts, so my apologies if I've missed anything terribly exciting.

Reading Update
Finished Writers of the Future XXIV. Now that I've read the whole thing, my favorite stories from my last reading update still remain among my favorites and are now joined by "Cruciger" by Erin Cashier ([ profile] therinth ).  There were a few pieces that left me disappointed by the ending or with a general feeling of "meh" toward the story as a whole, but overall, I enjoyed far more of the stories than not, so that made the book worth the read.

Submission Land
Seeing "I am sure another editor will snap this up" in rejections should be encouraging, but for me it has become the Mark of Doom.  Or at least the Mark of Don't Hold Your Breath Because You Will Not Be Selling This Any Time Soon.  One story of mine is currently sitting in its eighteenth slush pile two years after receiving a comment like that while another is in its seventeenth slush pile three and a half years later.  And I never did find an agent way back when despite that lovely handwritten note on one rejection that included a similar Mark of Doom (though that may be a good thing in retrospect given the massive overhaul that novel is getting).  So now that I've recently received not one but two Marks of Doom on a flash story, it's time to come up with a really long list of potential markets for it, 'cause it's gonna be a while. 

This is why I've come to prefer "I hope this one finds a good home soon."  As well-meaning as it is, whenever an editor is "sure" or "certain" of my story's good luck, my instinct now is to crawl into a corner and cry.

Other Writerly Updates
I've added "To Worship Death" (from issue 4 of Fictitious Force) to my stories available for purchase at AnthologyBuilder.

The other day I got the proofs for my story in Shimmer's Clockwork Jungle Book issue, which now looks like it should be coming out in early September.  Looking forward to seeing my little lemur on a dirigible in print!

One of my favorite parts of my yearly shore trip is the Stone Harbor Craft Fair.  This year, I found this little guy (from Cutesy but not Cutesy), whom I have dubbed Unifish:

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Reading Update
Slowly making my way through Writers of the Future XXIV. Because of work, I can't carve out as much daily reading time as I used to, and I didn't read much at all this past week due to other distractions, so I've only gotten through the first five stories.  My favorites so far have been Patrick Lundrigan's ([ profile] dandyfunk ) "Hangar Queen" and J. Kathleen Cheney's ([personal profile] j_cheney ) "Taking a Mile." I also enjoyed Sonia Helbig's ([ profile] soniahelbig ) "Crown of Thorns."

When searching for suggestions on combating feelings of writerly slugdom, [profile] kannibal_kat  suggested The Writer's Portable Therapist.  I put picking up a copy on my list of "things I will get to soonish," but then I came home the other day to find a copy sitting on my desk, courtesy of The Best Significant Other Ever.  Seeing how little the book is (it definitely lives up to the "portable" part of the title), I decided to dive right in.  I can't say that the book's first "session" (aka chapter) led to any slog-curing insights as of yet, but it did get me writing for about 40 minutes straight last night.  It was random writing and not something that anyone but me is ever going to see, but it felt nice to just spew out words without stopping or fixing typos. 

Writerly Musings: Critiquing
Some recent conversations have gotten me thinking about critiques a lot lately--the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Thoughts under the cut... )
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Seriously, how is this weekend almost over already?

Because life has gotten progressively more insane this month, I'm going let my productivity reports fall by the wayside, at least in their current format.  When I didn't have job craziness* to worry about, the productivity posts helped keep me on track, but for now, I think I'll be just fine without reporting in on a regular basis.  And I'm sure none of you care so deeply about my exercise routine and music practice habits that you'll miss hearing about them.  I'll still post about things I'm reading, though likely not on such a "here's how many chapters I read this week" detail level.  And to live up to the blog title, I will of course keep posting about that wacky writing thing.

Reading: Finished The Dramatist's Toolkit, and I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in playwriting.  Actually, it's got some useful things to offer for short story and novel writers as well, particularly when it comes to approaching character, scenes and dialogue (not too surprisingly, it was on a list of books to reference for TNEO last year when we were focusing on dialogue).  One of the things I like most about the book is that it's very straightforward and practical, and it helped me reach a place where I feel like I can finally tackle some of those play ideas I've been kicking around.  Now the question is which idea to run with first.

Next up on the reading list: my shiny new copy of Writers of the Future XXIV, courtesy of the kindly [personal profile] j_cheney 

Writing:  At last, I finally finished revising the first scene of chapter 5.  That only took forever.  I would have gotten more work on the second scene done too if I hadn't been an idiot and forgotten to bring the pages that need revising on the train with me Thursday.

*I should specificy that while there is much job craziness, it's good job craziness. When I'm this stressed out yet still like what I'm doing, it's a very good sign.


Jun. 6th, 2009 12:20 pm
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Crazy busy week. But despite the craziness, I just have to say that my new employment gig is awesome.

Now I need to spend this weekend doing all the little things I put off during the week in order to get the not-so-little things done. I had been considering auditioning for a play for the first time in forever this weekend, but I don't know what the hell I was thinking given how much else I've got going on. So instead of working on a monologue, I used last night to recover from the big shift in my schedule with the relaxing combo of pizza, a bottle of wine, some Mythbusters viewing, and an earlier-than-usual trip to bed. Slept in this morning, and now I'm ready to roll...after the productivity report, of course:

Up to chapter 11 in The Dramatist's Toolkit, which I'm finding to be a good read. I've finally got some achievable-seeming play ideas percolating in my brain now, which means the book is the mental kick-start I was hoping it'd be. And while the timing was by no means planned, it's rather a fun bit of symmetry that I'm reading it during my first week working for a theater company.

Except for Monday, exercise pretty much fell by the wayside this week. Something had to give amid the crazy.

Except for Friday, I managed to stay on top of the practicing. Go me.

I didn't get a lot of writing done this week (I'm still slogging through the first scene of chapter 5), but I at least did a little bit every day on the train ride home from work.

In other writerly happenings, last Sunday Michael Swanwick came to speak to my writing group, which was awesome. We even ended up on his blog, Flogging Babel. If you care, I'm in the back row, first person on the left.
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It's been a weird week.  And I start my new job on Monday, so next week will likely be even weirder.

Finished Bitterwood earlier this week. For my continued reading adventures, I'm taking a short break from fiction with The Dramatist's Toolkit: The Craft of the Working Playwright by Jeffrey Sweet.  I've been toying with the idea of writing a play for a while now, but despite lots of involvement with the theatrical world, I feel totally ill-prepared to write one. I was hoping to find a playwriting course I could take this summer, but no such luck.  Most of what I found was for teens.  The only local one for adults was an online course, but I'd really prefer something in person. So in lieu of a class, I thought I'd tackle this book and see if it helps jump start my inner-playwright.

I've been saddled with an annoying cough since last week, so I've been taking it easy on the exercise front.  A little bit of yoga, but not much else.  And today's exercise will be helping my aunt move stuff.

Coughed my way through choir rehearsal Wednesday night.  Singing has been aggravating the cough in general, which frustrates me to no end.  It doesn't hamper the piano playing, though, so I've at least been keeping up with that without a problem.

I've been productivity-challenged in the writing department this week. A little bit of slogging through My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel, but that's it.  I'm hoping to achieve something resembling real progress this afternoon and tomorrow.
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Through chapters 15-18 in Bitterwood.  Also finished the audio book of The Road, which didn't end as bleakly as I thought it would.  I give it a thumbs up overall.

It's looking like I'm going to slack today, but I'll make up for it tomorrow.  Otherwise, I've been keeping to the routine.

Keeping on top of my piano lessons and practicing.  Monday was the last regular rehearsal of the season for the chorus I sing with.  We have a dress rehearsal tonight and a concert Sunday, and then it's only church choir and some solo stuff on my plate through June.  I'm kind of dreading tonight's rehearsal.  We've done the concert once already and have had two regular rehearsals since then to brush up on the music, but I have the feeling that we're still going to go through everything in its entirety and then some instead of just doing what's necessary to adjust to a different space and acoustics.  I wish we had spent more time on Carmina Burana (particularly the diction--I tend to pick that stuff up pretty easily, but I'm hearing a lot of mush around me), but the other pieces on the program (especially our chamber choir pieces) have been beaten to death, and then backed over with a truck for good measure.  Rehearsing is important, but there comes a point of diminishing returns.

I've been hit or miss with the writing this week.  Some days I've been super productive girl.  Other days, like today, a little tinkering is about all I seem capable of accomplishing. On the plus side, I finished rewriting chapter 4 of My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel.  On the downside, that's only because I'm splitting what was originally one long chapter into two smaller ones.  Either way, I'm about 11,400 into the rewrite.
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...and beats it until it's worm goo.

The week isn't over yet, but tomorrow's going to be a weird day schedule-wise and I keep thinking it's Friday anyway, so here goes.  Any typos or incoherent sentences can be blamed on wine.

Only got through one chapter of Bitterwood this week, though I'll probably get through another one tomorrow.  And only one disc left to listen to in The Road.  Just gotta say: being eaten by cannibals? Very high on my "ways I don't want to die" list.

I slacked on Monday, but it was at least in the interest of getting more writing done.  And I've been on the ball since then, so all is well.

Slacked today, but the rest of the week I've been a productive singing and piano playing crazy lady.

As of yesterday, the zombie story revision is done, and it's 1,300 words shorter, so woot! Now back to My Big Epic Fantasy Novel.

Submission Land
Really bored with the rejections now. A little bit of good news would be nice for a change.
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Got through chapters 11 and 12 in Bitterwood this week.  I've also been listening to more of The Road in the car, and that--well, "enjoying" doesn't seem like the right word for this kind of book.  But I'm hooked.

Except for yesterday, I kept on top of the routine.  But I think slacking yesterday was probably a good thing.  My left leg was sore and stiff from overdoing it earlier in the week, and taking a day off seems to have helped.

Slightly crazy week.  On top of church choir and piano lessons, the chorus I'm in has our first of two Carmina Burana concerts tonight.  So in addition to the regular Monday night rehearsal, we had the dress rehearsal last night.  There's a large contingent of clueless people in this group who have serious problems with that whole filing on and off the risers thing, so coordinating that always takes ten times longer than it should and makes me want to smack my head against hard surfaces.

Submission Land
More rejections, more stories back out the door. I have two stories I'd like to try at Sword & Sorceress, and I thought the markets they're currently at would have bounced them back by now, but amazingly, no.  Knowing my luck, they'll both reject the stories the day after the Sword & Sorceress submission window closes.

I was tinkering with novel revisions last weekend, but the zombie story kept calling to me, so I finally answered and began my next round of revisions on that. I'm rather excited as I think it's going to be a much tighter story now, and I think some of the changes I've made are helping me better develop what's going on with the protagonist.  I also realized that I had an entire scene that could go away, so the story's already about 1,000 words shorter.
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I came down with a cold last weekend, so between that and some major trouble sleeping and lots of beyond-the-ordinary-routine things to attend to this week, I didn't do so well with the productivity.   I wasn't a total slug either, though, so that's gotta count for something.

Reading: Didn't get a lot of reading done. I'm partway through chapter 11 in Bitterwood, and I started listening to the audio book of The Road.  Nothing like cheery post-apocalyptic fiction to make the traffic seem not so bad.

Exercise: This is where I achieved productivity fail.  Only managed one day this week.

Music: I made it to all of my rehearsals and whatnot, but as for practicing, I fell off the wagon yesterday, and it's not looking like I'll get to it today either.

Writing: Still slogging through chapter 4 of My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel.  Slow going, but I am now one sentence away from finishing my rewrite of the first scene, which puts me about 1,600 words into the chapter. I reworked the scene so that it involved fewer characters and rewrote it from a different POV than it had originally been in, which meant cannibalizing bits from the original version, writing some new material, and incorporating dialogue from a scene that originally took place later in the chapter.
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This week has been strong with the bat-shit crazy side of the Force, making that whole productivity thing a challenge. Some of the things keeping me busy were good things (Easter with the in-laws, seeing a production of Edward Albee's At Home at the Zoo, a reception where my dad got a firefighter-of-the-year award from the local VFW).  But other things...well, I think my brain exploded a few times.

Now onto what I actually managed to accomplish amid the crazy:

Reading: I'm partway through chapter 10 in Bitterwood.  As for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, I gave up. I reached my library renewal limit on it and was just going to copy the remaining discs onto my computer last night, but then I realized that I still had 12 discs left. It's an entertaining book, but it's not that entertaining. So I took that long-winded puppy back to the library today and checked out the audio version of Cormac McCarthy's The Road.  Only six discs total.  Ah, blessed brevity.

Exercise: Fell off the wagon Tuesday and Wednesday thanks to the crazy, but stuck to it the rest of the week.

The usual rehearsal schedule, but fitting in practice time on the piano proved tough. I was all stressed out at my Wednesday lesson as a result, which didn't help.

Writing Business: Bored with the rejections-a-plenty/several-months-long-dry-spell-when-it-comes-to-sales combo now. I'm feeling particularly disheartened with one story. It's a flash story I wrote a while back, and while not brilliant, I think it's a good little piece. When I first wrote it, a fellow writerly type thought very highly of it and said, "If Strange Horizons doesn't take this, I don't know what they'll take."  Well, they didn't take it, and neither have the 27 other markets I've sent it to. I've never had a story get shot down that many times, and it's depressing, especially since it came close at a few places, which gives me confidence that the story doesn't suck. Unfortunately, I'm almost out of decent markets for it.

I spent much of last weekend figuring out what I needed to move, add, axe, and rewrite in chapter 4 of My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel, which was fun and exciting and I couldn't wait to start writing.  Then, Sunday night, I sat down to write, and nothing. I spent an insane amount of time rewriting the opening sentence. I didn't get back to the chapter again until Wednesday, when I finally managed to push past that block. But because I had so little time for writing this week, I'm only about 500 words into the chapter. Blah.

On that note, it's onto the weekend for me.  I'm going to get in some more work on the novel tonight.  Tomorrow AsYouKnowBob and I will be driving down to Washington DC--the chorus we're in is singing at the National Gallery, and afterward we'll be making a Maryland pit stop to have dinner with some of my friends from college. Sunday will be singing at church in the morning, writing group in the afternoon. And if I'm not too exhausted, I might squeeze in some more writing before Monday rears its ugly head.
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The week is not quite over as I still need to get in my exercise and piano practicing for today, but that won't be a problem, because the zombie story? DONE!

Reading: Up to chapter 8 in Bitterwood, and up to chapter 35 in Jonathan Strange & Mr NorrellJS&MN has gotten much more interesting, so I'm glad I was able to go the audio book route with it as I doubt I would have made it this far otherwise. The beginning was entertaining, but between the slow pacing, the footnotes, the oh-so-Victorianesque style, and the fact that it's about a gazillion thousand pages long, I think it would have been too much to take for my slow-reading self.

Exercise & Music:
More of the same.

Writing: As I said before, DONE! The not-so-crappy second draft of the zombie story, tentatively titled "The Holy Spear," has clocked in at 8,600 words--still damn long, but at least shorter than the 9,100 words it started out with.  I'm much happier with the story than I thought I was going to be while slogging through the first draft, and hopefully it's a different enough take on the post-apocalyptic zombie oeuvre to make the effort worthwhile.  So now onto the wonderful world of crits in the hopes of producing an even-less-crappy third draft.  In the meantime, back to the novel revisions.
babarnett: (doctor who k9) shiny new iMac! The downside is that I didn't get much done today other than playing with the shiny new iMac, but that's ok, because shiny new iMac!

I did get things done the rest of the week, though, so here's the productivity report:

Reading: Chapters 4 and 5 in Bitterwood, and I believe I'm up to chapter 30 in listening to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (my god is JS&MN a long damn book)

Exercise: I've been entirely too obsessed with Wii Fit this week.  Especially the rhythmic boxing. But i should start alternating with some non-Wii exercise sessions.

Music: The usual round of rehearsals, lessons, and practicing.

Writing: I've gotten about 1,100 words into the zombie story revision. Not as much as I would have liked, but good progress given the whole one day I managed to work on it. 

Writing Business: Lots of stories have been coming and going out the door this week. Somebody buy something already, damn it!
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Since I have no idea what I'm going to be able to get done tomorrow--chorus concert at a school in the early afternoon, theater tickets in the evening--I'm gonna go ahead and post my weekly productivity report now.

Reading: Two more chapters in Bitterwood, up to chapter 23 in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and a story at that I highly recommend for fans of the play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead: "We Haven't Got There Yet" by Harry Turtledove. I'm a little bit in love with this brief bit from the story: "Hamlet goes missing--as he must, for his place in the remaining action lies in Elsinore. Is he any freer than Guildenstern and Rosencrantz, or only better written?"

Exercise: We recently got Wii Fit, so I've been spending a good 20-30 minutes a day getting acquainted with that. No substitute for the more substantial yoga and pilates sessions I've done in the past, but definitely more of a workout than I would have thought.

Music: The usual--chorus rehearsals, piano lesson, practicing.

Writing: As I posted on Wednesday, the first draft of the zombie story is done! So that's about 1,200 new words written on that this week, and tonight I started revisions on chapter 3 of My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel.  Chapter 3's pretty short and doesn't need any major revisions, so I decided to tackle that before de-crapifying the zombie story.

Writing Business: Queries out on a couple of stragglers, one of which came back with a reply that the story got far but "looks like it's going to be rejected" and they'll be sending along comments soon. So I guess I'll wait until I get the actual commenty rejection before doing anything else with that story. On a happier note, at least, today I got notice that my quarter 1 Writers of the Future submission got an honorable mention. Considering I almost didn't send that one there, that's better than expected.


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