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My spring semester has begun, so I'll be spending a lot of time in the lack-of-blogging abyss once again, but for this brief moment, I emerge with three things, two of which are shiny, the third not so much:

1) I'm thrilled to announce that my short story "Notes on a Page" will be appearing in Intergalactic Medicine Show! Some squeeing may have ensued.

2) Today I'm babbling over at Penumbra's blog about turning an idea into a story--or, as I call it, bunny wrangling.

And finally...

3) It's way too fricken cold out!
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Sorry to resurface with nothing but pimpage, but it's about all I have time for until the Semester Workload from Hell is over. That said, onto the shameless self-promotion:

* Yesterday I was lying; today I'm babbling about suspension of disbelief and what the phrase actually means over at Penumbra eMag's blog.

* I've added my story "The Wounded House" (originally published in issue 20 of Black Static) to my stories available for purchase at AnthologyBuilder.

* And I'm dreadfully behind in giving a shout out for this, but Not Just Rockets and Robots: Daily Science Fiction Year Onewhich includes my stories from Daily Science Fiction's first year of publishing ("God's Gift to Women" and "A Song Never Tasted"), is available for purchase.

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I can't believe my weekend is over already. Stupid time-sucking gremlins.

In the writerly coolness department, I was invited to contribute a post to Every Day Fiction's blog, Flash Fiction Chronicles. It looks like my post is scheduled for November 18, at which time it will be shamelessly promoted.

In the I-have-a-new-toy coolness department, I got a new cell phone last week and love it. Of course, I loathed my last phone, so tin cans with bits of string probably would have looked good in comparison. What I find entertaining about my cell phone use is how much it hammers home my grammar nerdom. 99% of the time, I still cannot bring myself to use text speak. And because it's way easier to text on this phone than my last one, I feel even more compelled to use proper capitalization and grammar. Viva la nerdom!

It's been an insanely busy Sunday, so as much as I'd like to sneak in some work on the novel revisions, I think I'm going to crawl into bed and see if I can will time to skip past Monday.
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[ profile] jongibbs has kindly allowed me to take up precious real estate on his LJ with a guest blog today, How Being a Theater Geek Improved My Writing.  Read and be merry.


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