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The Aaaaah!
Still trying to claw my way out of the Hole Of Too Much To Do.  The end is in sight, but it may take me until August to get there.  Stupid lack of more hours in the day.

The Squee!
As some folks already know from elsewhere, Daily Science Fiction has accepted my story "A Song Never Tasted" for publication.  I'm fond of this story, so I'm glad to see it find a great looking home.  (By the way, when it launches, Daily Science Fiction will bring free speculative fiction to you on a daily basis, so go sign up!)
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And there I went and fell off the face of the LJ planet for a bit again.  Well, actually, it wasn't so much falling off completely as it was grabbing the edge at the last second and hanging on with one hand until I was finally able to pull myself back up.  I have a feeling that's going to happen a lot in weeks to come.  It's like a I have a life or something, yeesh.

But you know what?  Three-day weekend, baby!  Of course, I'll be spending most of it curled up in my sunroom critiquing novel chapters and feeling guilty for passing my crud germs on to AsYouKnowBob.  But I get to sleep in, and that's the important part.
The Writerly Update
The good news: the novel rewrite really really wants me to work on it.  The bad news: the novel rewrite really really wants me to work on it.  It's great to have large amounts of enthusiasm and motivation during my writing time, but the pesky little bugger keeps pulling at my sleeve at inappropriate moments and asking, "Why do you love your day job more than me?"  And I have to tell it, "Actually, I love you far more than the day job, but you're not paying me."  At which point gainful employment manages to make me sound like a cheap whore.
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Crits and research and rehearsals, oh my.  Things have gotten progressively crazier on the work front to boot, so I'm feeling a little AAAAAHHH! right now.  Then what am I doing writing an LJ entry when I have so much else to do, you ask?  Because if I don't chill for a few minutes, my brain will explode, and then poor AsYouKnowBob will have to clean up the mess.

In the novel progress department, I've gotten 2,000 words into the next chapter over the last two weeks, which is actually more progress than I would have thought given how little writing time it feels like I've had.  Those 20 minutes on the train to work each morning feel like barely enough time to get the writerly gears going, but carving out that time at least gets me somewhere, it seems. 

While part of me wants to keep plowing through the novel rewrite until it's done, I'm feeling the short story itch.  There's one I wrote for Odyssey back in 2007 that's been on the "to drastically revise" pile since then.  I felt like I wasn't ready to tackle that particular one yet.  Now, though, I feel ready.  So maybe after I finish with the current novel chapter, I'll take a short story break.

On that note, it's back to the crazy races.
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Wow, has it really been two weeks since I posted something on here?

Life has been keeping me insanely busy lately.  It's frustrating not having as much writing time as I used to, but I'm happy to say this about the writing time I do have: it's fun again. As I've babbled about in some previous entries, there was a long while where the whole writing process just became this really painful slog-fest.  But now?  Still work, but fun work.  Maybe I'm just someone who needs a gazillion other demands on my time to keep from falling into writerly funks.

I've been revising chapter 6 of My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel, and I just have to say that getting rid of the prophecy from the original version was the Best. Decision. Ever.  It requires a lot of rewriting, particularly for one character, but as I do that rewriting, I'm beginning to realize why a few people who critiqued the previous version didn't care for that character, often to the point that they were hoping I'd kill him off. It's surprising for me now to see how little I got into his head despite him being the protagonist (well, one of two protagonists).  And I think that's a big factor in why he came off as unlikeable to some people: I barely scratched the surface, so he ended up seeming rather shallow and lacking the kind of internal conflict that the other protagonist has in spades.

So now I'm trying to dig a lot deeper as I revise this character's POV scenes, which has led to another surprise: I really don't know this guy as well as I thought I did.  I had a similar problem with another character in the novel during the first draft.  Like this guy, she's rather reserved, so I'm beginning to suspect that characters like that are just harder work for me.  I'm waiting for them to open up, but that's totally not their style, so they keep mum and I end up writing them at the surface level since that's all I'm getting.  So the lesson learned is that when the character is being reticent with all of the other characters in the story, they're probably being reticent with me too, so I need to be nosy and pushy and poke and prod them until I figure out what's going on inside their heads.

On that note, it's back to the chapter revisions, and this weekend I'll hopefully get to revising "Mortis Persona" (a big thanks to [ profile] shvetufae , [ profile] jakobdrud and [ profile] jtglover for the helpful crits on that one).

Oh, and I need to work on that freezing time thing.

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Haven't been posting much recently as things have been on the crazy busy side.  I think I may have gone a whole day or two without mahjong or non-essential internet surfing earlier this week.  Things will likely remain insane until a cabaret/fundraiser I'm organizing and performing in on October 12 is done, but I think I've got my ducks in something close enough to a row to warrant some LJ-posting slackage. Ok, it's a shoddy, half-assed row, and my ducks are complaining about their working conditions, but it's a row of ducks, damn it.

The story that was driving me nuts the last time I posted about writing finally got its act together, but I just haven't had a large enough chunk of time to give it the final one-more-time-through that it needs.  But I'm determined to be done with the damn thing today.  I want it gone so I can focus on something else...

Like novels.  Let's talk about novels.  I keep going from being excited about the revision ideas for mine to experiencing paralyzing fear and doubt about going any further with it because who wants another epic fantasy trilogy and maybe I should just work on something else because who am I to think I can do something interesting with the genre that a decent publisher will actually want to buy?  It doesn't help that another idea started nagging me today.  I have a short story I wrote a couple years back, and a lot of people have said it sounds more like the start of a novel.  One or two people even assumed it was and asked me when the rest was coming.  That got the old gears going, and I thought, "Yes, there is a novel in this."  But I also thought the story still stood on its own, and it had gotten some complimentary feedback, so I kept sending it out.  But now...

Something got me thinking about the story this morning.  It has your standard issue medieval-esque fantasy setting--cue yawns from the many folks who are bored with that.  So I started contemplating what other kinds of settings I could throw these characters into.  I've been ever so delicately dipping my toes into the world of steampunk recently and thought, "Hmmm, would that work?"  The answer was, "Yes!  Not only would it work, but it would be like a hundred times more awesome!"  So now I'm debating if I should throw the other novel on the backburner and start working on this idea instead, or if it would be better to let the steampunk idea simmer a bit more and continue with the revisions on the other one.  Normally, having this many potential projects to work on is a good thing.  Right now, though, it's making my brain melt.


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