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Last night I had a dream in which I was inspired to rework my My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel with a steampunk-style setting, and I thought it was the most brilliant idea ever.  Then I woke up.  I spent the next foggy, pre-coffee hour wondering, "Well, is it a good idea?  Could my subconscious be more brilliant than I suspect?"

The answer was no.

However, my brain didn't totally pull that dream out of its ass. (And yes, I know that statement is all manner of anatomically messed up.)  A while back I realized that a short story I was planning to expand into a novel would be ten times cooler with a steampunk twist instead of its standard issue medieval-esque fantasy setting.  I don't recall having thought about that particular novel idea much recently, but steampunk was on the brain after proofing my steampunk animal fable story for Shimmer, so I think my subconscious decided that steampunk was the cure for all my writerly ills. 

If only it were that simple . . .
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My brain and priorities were all over the place today, so I won't pretend to have tried to stick to the slug-fighting schedule. But I wasn't entirely unproductive.  Actually, I got everything done except the exercise and the writing, and I spent a hefty chunk of time going over a grant proposal I had volunteered to help with for the chorus I sing with. So I guess that counts for something.

On a sucktastic note, Realms of Fantasy closing is a major bummer.

On a pleasant note, I saw that I was among the "Other nice work came from..." folks mentioned in Rich Horton's yearly summary of Hub.

On a random note, AsYouKnowBob told me that I was singing in my sleep last night--the night after reading the chapter on music and dreams in Musicophilia.

On another random note, I need to see if I have anything in Ye Olde Costume Trunk with which I can steampunk myself up a bit.
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Haven't been posting much recently as things have been on the crazy busy side.  I think I may have gone a whole day or two without mahjong or non-essential internet surfing earlier this week.  Things will likely remain insane until a cabaret/fundraiser I'm organizing and performing in on October 12 is done, but I think I've got my ducks in something close enough to a row to warrant some LJ-posting slackage. Ok, it's a shoddy, half-assed row, and my ducks are complaining about their working conditions, but it's a row of ducks, damn it.

The story that was driving me nuts the last time I posted about writing finally got its act together, but I just haven't had a large enough chunk of time to give it the final one-more-time-through that it needs.  But I'm determined to be done with the damn thing today.  I want it gone so I can focus on something else...

Like novels.  Let's talk about novels.  I keep going from being excited about the revision ideas for mine to experiencing paralyzing fear and doubt about going any further with it because who wants another epic fantasy trilogy and maybe I should just work on something else because who am I to think I can do something interesting with the genre that a decent publisher will actually want to buy?  It doesn't help that another idea started nagging me today.  I have a short story I wrote a couple years back, and a lot of people have said it sounds more like the start of a novel.  One or two people even assumed it was and asked me when the rest was coming.  That got the old gears going, and I thought, "Yes, there is a novel in this."  But I also thought the story still stood on its own, and it had gotten some complimentary feedback, so I kept sending it out.  But now...

Something got me thinking about the story this morning.  It has your standard issue medieval-esque fantasy setting--cue yawns from the many folks who are bored with that.  So I started contemplating what other kinds of settings I could throw these characters into.  I've been ever so delicately dipping my toes into the world of steampunk recently and thought, "Hmmm, would that work?"  The answer was, "Yes!  Not only would it work, but it would be like a hundred times more awesome!"  So now I'm debating if I should throw the other novel on the backburner and start working on this idea instead, or if it would be better to let the steampunk idea simmer a bit more and continue with the revisions on the other one.  Normally, having this many potential projects to work on is a good thing.  Right now, though, it's making my brain melt.
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Just wanted to sneak in a quick little LJ post to say that my story "A Red One Cannot See" (or, as I've more frequently referred to it, my lemur-on-a-dirigible story) was accepted for Shimmer's Clockwork Jungle Book issue.  That was a very nice email to find in my inbox this morning. Yay little lemur!

And on the subject of a red that one can see, sunburn sucks.  I got to listen to some great music at the Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival today, but it was ungodly hot, and I was sweating off the suntan lotion faster than I could re-apply it.  Damn my ghostly pale skin.

On that note, it's time to get to bed so I can rest up for another day of resisting the lure of the internet and getting some work done.  I'm about halfway through the round 2 TNEO crits and halfway through turning the crappy first draft of my round 3 TNEO story into a not-so-crappy second draft.
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2008 is being nice to my flash fiction so far.  I found out today that a silly little story of mine called "Soul Delivery" is going to be an Editor's Pick in the Spring 2008 issue of Flashquake, which will go online March 1.  I will be sure to shamelessly plug it some more when the time comes.

On the productivity front, I polished up my lemur-on-a-dirigible story yesterday and got it shipped off to Shimmer's Clockwork Jungle issue.  It was fun tackling steampunk for the first time, and I think the story came out with a different feel than my usual stuff, which was part of the fun.  That, and lemurs are cool, as are dirigibles.  If the story doesn't have anything else going for it, it at least has lemurs on a dirigible.

And in the non-writing world, the chorus I sing with had its annual Solo Artists Showcase concert today.  I sang a solo (a Gabriel Faure piece called "Mai") and a duet with As You Know Bob ("No One Is Alone" from Into the Woods).  I had to sing first on the program, which is always nerve-racking, but things went well overall, so yay.
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I have no excuse to be as unproductive as I've been lately.  I'm rubbish.

Other than two flash stories and a few beginnings to some stories I plan to finish in the near future, I've mostly been revising older stuff lately. I still have a few more revisions to tackle, but I'm taking a break to focus on a new story I want to finish in time to submit to Shimmer's The Clockwork Jungle Book issue. This is my first attempt at writing steampunk--not to mention my first attempt at writing about a lemur on a dirigible. I know, I know, the lemur-on-a-dirigible genre is becoming overcrowded these days...

In the shameless plug department, my short story "Love Spells," which originally appeared in issue 53 of Leading Edge, is now available on the nifty new AnthologyBuilder, where you can create your own custom anthology from the previously published works they have listed. Or you can use one of the ready-made anthologies in their library (I'm honored to have been included in one put together by Odyssey comrade
[profile] ericjamesstone). I'm hoping to add a couple more stories to AnthologyBuilder sometime soon.

And one more shameless plug for the road: Flash Fiction Online's lineup for March. If you follow the link, I recommend checking out the stories while you're there. Good stuff worth supporting.

In the meantime, maybe I should be polishing my haiku instead of worrying about the lemur on the dirigible...


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