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1) A little over 800 words on the novel this past week.  Man, I wish I had more time to write.

2) I may have gotten ahead of myself in the recovery department for Ye Olde Foot Injury.  Here we are a month later and the foot was feeling fine after easing back into something resembling an exercise routine, so I figured it was safe to vary the yoga and pilates with 20 minutes on the elliptical strider.  The foot's response as I neared the 10-minute mark:  "Um, no."  Stubborn me still went for 15 minutes.  I don't think the foot was pleased.  Stupid foot.

3) After looking at the icky mounds of snow along our street the other day and cursing their refusal to just melt already, I commented to AsYouKnowBob, "We need a dragon."

4) I'm going to have to smack the next idiot whose response to the snow is "So much for global warming."

5) Time to do some more writing before bed.
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As some of you already know from [ profile] ra_log , my short story "The Sins of the Living," a horror story set in Colonial America, was accepted by the fine folks at Dark Recesses.  Yayness for 2010 so far!

And now, Snowpocalypse Strikes Back.  I'm totally prepared to work from home tomorrow, snow, so bring it.  Ok, so I'd rather you didn't bring it, but seeing as you've already vomited significant amounts of flakage outside, you might as well make it so that I can work in my PJs tomorrow.
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Normally, I hate snow unless I'm on skis.  And since I haven't been skiing in years, that means I haven't liked snow in years.

Yet I have to give a small amount of thanks to this past weekend's Snowpocalypse.  I didn't enjoy the shoveling and the resulting achy back, and I'll be cranky until this stuff melts, but because I was snowed out of the weekend's scheduled activities, a beautiful thing occurred: I sat there with my computer on my lap for several hours and put in some quality writing time.  Saturday I finished a requested short story rewrite and shipped it off.   Sunday I got in some work on the novel, and as a result:

31200 / 118000

Chapter 8 is almost done and will be much shorter than its original bloated self. I haven't had that much writing time on my hands in a while, and it was great.

On the Submission Land front, you know what's getting really frustrating?  Having fantasy stories rejected by some markets for being too traditional while others reject them for not being traditional enough.  Too little sword in my sorcery here, too much sword in my sorcery there.  Do I really drive down the middle of the road that consistently with my fantasy?  Because that's depressing.


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