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I'm currently trying to readjust to reality after a couple weeks away—first for a week of writerly workshoppiness at TNEO, and then for a week of vacationy goodness down the shore. My brain's a little scattered, so bear with me as I share the writerly randomness that has occurred during my absence:

* First, story news! My flash piece "The Little Things," which was published in Every Day Fiction last month, will be available as a podcast (read by Izzy David) on August 13.

* While at TNEO, I finished a shiny new short story called "Memories of Mirrored Worlds" and sent it off into the world. Fly, little story! Fly! 

* Speaking of TNEO, it was once again fun and full of awesome people. Lots of great feedback and brainstorming and bouncing around of ideas. Not to mention a highly hysterical evening of people trying to read bad sex scenes without laughing.

* Among my revelations at TNEO this year: I need to stop procrastinating and just revise My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel already. I've spent the last couple years stopping and starting and hemming and hawing and it's all rather silly at this point. Brainstorming is all well and good, but there comes a point when the only way to figure out what works is to just finish the damn thing.

* BUT! Before I go back to the novel, I will revise a few short stories that are in need of attention. Revisions on one of those began this morning and will continue after I finish with this post. Which means now.

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Say hello to issue 25 of Black Static, folks!

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I know I keep threatening to return to a regular blogging routine, but life seems intent on not letting that happen, which is frustrating since not posting regularly tends to lead to hardly anyone paying attention when you actually do post. So even though I may be blogging into a void, here's the state of me:

* School is keeping me busy, but I'm enjoying it a lot more than I ever did grant writing. This whole getting my MLIS thing? Good damn decision, I think. 

* Speaking of life keeping me busy, there will be a distinct lack of con attendance on my part for the rest of the year. I had been hoping to attend Sirens and Capclave this month, but there's just too much else going on for me to swing either one. And I'd normally do Philcon in November since it's practically right in my backyard, but I'll be off in Austin that weekend.

* Writing progress! Well, at least there was progress until a damn cold sidelined me yesterday (it's hard to focus or stare at a computer screen for too long when it feels like you have a head full of gauze-wrapped bricks). But before then, I got my short story "The Girl Who Welcomed Death to Svalgearyen" revised and sent out the door, and now I'm working on revisions for "Demon Dreams." And when that's done, I think I'll dive back into the never-ending My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel revisions.

* And last but certainly not least: I can haz zombie art? The awesome-looking title spread (with art by Dave Senecal) for my story in issue 25 of Black Static, which should be coming out this month:

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It seems I went AWOL on the posting front. Again. But now that I'm here, many things...

First, a signal boost: Say Yes to Gay YA, where Rachel Manija Brown ([ profile] rachelmanija) and Sherwood Smith ([ profile] sartorias) talk about an unfortunate instance of being asked to either make a gay character in their novel straight or remove the character's POV altogether. EDITED TO ADD: Some follow up. And this is where I bow out without further comment other than to say: must so many people resort to needing to cast a villain with a dastardly agenda in the matter instead of considering that it's more likely not so clearcut? 

Busy grad school is busy! But despite some initial moments of panic (because that's what I do), I'm settling into the school routine just fine and have started to find a balance between class and everything else I need to squeeze into my days. You know, like writing. Speaking of...

Appropriately enough for a writer, there are sevveral things going on in the story department:

* Now available for purchase is the 2011 Untied Shoelaces of the Mind Anthology, which includes my twisted little flash piece "Mr. Fluffy." The story should also be online soon in issue 5 of Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.

* My story "The Cycle of the Sun" was accepted for publication in the March 2012 issue of! My Odyssey classmates will quite possibly remember this piece as "the orgy story."

* My steampunk lemurs on a dirigible story, "A Red One Cannot See" (originally published in Shimmer's Clockwork Jungle Book issue), has been added to my stories available at AnthologyBuilder  

* And I've finally gotten to work on the revisions for my story "The Girl Who Welcomed Death to Svalgearyen," which I got some great feedback on back in July at TNEO. Much like my daily schedule right now, these revisions are proving to be quite the balancing act. There are some changes to make that I think are going to really strengthen the story, but I feel like it would be easy to do too much and totally edit all the life and magic out the story.
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One day soon, I'll find enough hours in the day to return to posting and commenting on here with something resembling regularity again. In the meantime, please forgive me for a brief moment of pimpage: it looks like the 10th anniversary issue of Aoife's Kiss, which includes my story "The Deepening," is now out!

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~ Much to my surprise, on Monday I cranked out the first draft of a short story I hadn't planned to work on that night let alone finish. It felt rather reinvigorating. I wrote 1,000 not totally crappy words in under an hour, which is unusually fast for me. Onto the second draft de-crapification process! (And here's hoping I find a decent title for the story along the way.) But because my brain doesn't like to let me enjoy such minor triumphs of productivity for too long…

~ The online world doesn't need me to offer yet another link to a certain NY Times review of a certain HBO show based on the novels by a certain George RR Martin. But as a chick working on an epic fantasy novel, subsequent commentary and discussion generated by that review have sent my brain into overdrive on pondering women in epic fantasy—as writers, readers, and characters. Unfortunately, my brain is such a jumble right now and my time so limited that I don't feel like I could put my thoughts down in coherent form at present. Part of that brain jumble has resulted from me obsessing over things to the point of it becoming paralyzing—this fear that, while I know what I'm trying to do with my novel, I'm going to get it wrong and end up with something used as an example of everything that is wrong with epic fantasy. I know nothing is going to please everyone, but Irrational Me, being irrational, isn't listening to Rational Me.

~ While Irrational Me and Rational Me duke it out, I'm going to go re-caffeinate and get some more Ye Olde Day Job work done.
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Hey, look at that, I have an LJ account. Hello, poor neglected LJ.

I haven't had a chance to read or post around these parts the last couple of weeks. Busy, busy, busy, with a side of busy. I hope you've all been up to incredibly exciting things that I'm going to feel bad for having missed. 

As for me, my main accomplishment amid all the crazy that's been keeping me away is that I finished a new short story, "The Girl Who Welcomed Death to Svalgearyen." I'd wield the productivity stick in celebration, but I'm much too tired and headachy.
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1) My story "God's Gift to Women" is now up on Daily Science Fiction's website for your reading pleasure/critical dismemberment. It's flash length, so it's a quick read. In other words, if you haven't read it already, what's the holdup?

2) Over the weekend I got a look at the TOC for Wilde Stories 2011: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction, which puts me in some rather fine company:

"Love Will Tear us Apart" by Alaya Dawn Johnson
"Map of Seventeen" by Chris Barzak
"How to Make Friends in Seventh Grade" by Nick Poniatowski
"Mortis Persona" by Barbara A. Barnett
"Mysterium Tremendum" by Laird Barron
"Oneirica" by Hal Duncan
"Lifeblood" by Jeffrey Ricker
"Waiting for the Phone to Ring" by Richard Bowes
"Blazon" by Peter Dubé
"All the Shadows" by Joel Lane
"The Noise" by Richard Larson
"How to Make a Clown" by Jeremy C. Shipp
"Beach Blanket Spaceship" by Sandra McDonald
"Hothouse Flowers: or The Discreet Boys of Dr. Barnabas" by Chaz Brenchley

Of the short stories I've read over the past year, Alaya Dawn Johnson's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" was one of my absolute favorites, so getting to appear alongside it adds an extra dollop of awesome to the awesome sauce that was being included in this book in the first place.

3) As I've mentioned before, my muse is a surly plumber named Jim Bob. A friend recently posted a link to this comic, which makes Jim Bob look like quite the charmer in comparison. (potentially NSFW, especially if you go poking around the rest of the website)
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1) After another once over and some fine-tuning on Saturday, I was able to declare "Demon Dreams" ready for other people to actually look at. It even slimmed down to a mere 6,500 words.

2) Next up on the short story writing front is a story inspired by this article: Why dying is forbidden in the Arctic

3) On the non-writing front, it was a fun concert-going weekend. For both Christmas and his birthday, I got AsYouKnowBob tickets for concerts that happened to fall right on top of one another.  Saturday night we saw Vienna Teng and Alex Wong at World Cafe Live in Philly. The concert was awesome. Not so awesome was me turning into a dorktastic fangirl when getting them to sign a songbook afterwards. And Sunday night we saw Randy Newman, which was a lot of fun, though I could have done without the guy behind me wanting to sing along (badly) with everything. I paid to hear the guy on the stage, dude, not you.

4) I need more coffee. Stat.
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I'm pleased to report that my short story "Unlucky Clover" has been accepted for the July 2011 issue of Beyond Centauri. "Unlucky Clover" is a sequel of sorts to my story "Lucky Clover" (Flash Fiction Online, March 2008), following the son of that story's leprechaun protagonist (who also makes an appearance in the sequel).
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I haven't had a chance to do more than skim the old flist this past week, but far be it from me not to use a shameless plug as an excuse to come up for air.  My story "A Song Never Tasted" is now up on Daily Science Fiction's website for your reading pleasure/pain/critical dismemberment.
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As predicted, this week has continued to be strong with the FUBAR side of the Force, but not nearly at the levels of FUBAR that Monday and Tuesday achieved.  I've barely had time to breathe let alone read what's going on with my lovely flisters today, but there were at least some turns for the shiny and positive:

First, my story "Dumping the Dead" was selected for inclusion in The Best of Every Day Fiction Three.

Second, a review of "Mortis Persona" at Tangent Online says, among other things, "Barnett's lush prose does a fantastic job of building this world."  I don't think I've ever had my prose described as lush before, but it's a description I'll happily accept.

Third, I'm on a horse.
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2011 and I do not seem to have gotten off on the right foot.  These last two days have been rather strong with the FUBAR side of the Force, but it's all stupid trivial crap which has the added annoyance of making me feel bad for wanting to complain because it's, well, stupid trivial crap.

Trying to look to the positive: this week will likely continue to be all manner of FUBAR, but next week I'll be a part-time, working-from-home gal again.  Hopefully that will mean some time to start a new short story.  My silly poll for which idea I should tackle next ended in a tie between the My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel prequel and the town where dying is forbidden.  That means my muse, Jim Bob, has the tie-breaking vote.  He just glanced at his tool belt, belched, and told me we've got the tools and materials already set out for the MBFEFN story, so we should work on that.  And then he belched again.
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1) I've got a shiny new look to my website at [Poll #1661746]
*I reserve the right to totally change my mind should my muse, Jim Bob, show up and offer me a better idea. 
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As I mentioned in my previous post, Black Static 20, which includes my story "The Wounded House," is now out.  I'm thrilled to be included in an awesome publication with awesome company, and it gives me a good excuse to babble about the story's evolution.  (For anyone planning to read the issue, I am obliged to warn that there are slight spoilers ahead for my story.)

Babbling under the cut... )
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I'll have more to babble about with this particular story after the holiday weekend, but for now I only have time for a quick moment of pimpage: issue 20 of Black Static, which includes my story "The Wounded House," is now out.  Looks like an issue full of awesome.  Cue the squee!

And in the meantime, merry Festivus! I think getting out of bed to go to work this morning counts toward Feats of Strength.  And the Airing of Grievances is well under way.

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1) The grad school applications are off! Still some pesky supporting documentation to take care of, but mostly I get to sit back now and play the waiting game, for which submitting fiction has very much prepared me.

2) You can check out the cover for the soon-to-be-released Black Static #20, which will have my story "The Wounded House" in it.  Squee!  I drew on my own life for this story more than for any other I've written, so I'm going to have a blog post about the story's background sometime in the near future. Because, you know, the world needs more self-indulgent writerly types.

3) My story "The Perfect Instrument" (also known as the Amazing Expanding and Contracting Story) was accepted for an anthology called Rockets, Swords and Rainbows: New Tales of Fantasy, so yay!

On a slight tangent from that, someone had mentioned wanting to see more in the same setting as my story "Mortis Persona."  While "The Perfect Instrument" isn't in the same setting, the world I placed it in is based on ancient Rome, so it likely has a similar vibe to it setting-wise, just without the magic ("The Perfect Instrument" is a secondary world setting sans magic; "Mortis Persona" is an alternate ancient Rome with magic).  And "The Perfect Instrument" has a musician protagonist while "Mortis Persona" has an actor, so they've both got the artsy protag thing going for them too.
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Despite the icon, I get to start my Monday off with a squee!  My short story "Mortis Persona" is now up at Fantasy Magazine.  I may be ever so slightly excited about this one.  As [ profile] vegan_vulcan  (Fantasy's Managing Editor Molly Tanzer) put it the other day: "This story made me cry and drool and cheer all at the same time."  I inspire drool, people! What more endorsement could you possibly need to go read?
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I only have time to shoot off a quick post before I run out the door for work, but I received an acceptance from Black Static for my story "The Wounded House."  It's a ghost/haunted house story, so seeing that email was a rather nice and apropos way to launch into Halloween weekend!
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Ok, so I really didn't intend to be posting now that I'm here at TNEO, but there is squee-age to report: I just got an acceptance from Aoife's Kiss for my story "The Deepening," a sword and sorcery-ish romance tale that will appear in the magazine's June 2011 10th anniversary issue.  I'm quite fond of this story, so I'm glad I'll get to see it in print in a nice home.

And now, time to get a little bit of yoga in before bed.  The idea of movement isn't appealing seeing as it's hot as all hell here in this lovely non-air conditioned dorm-style apartment I'll be staying in all week, but the six hour car ride has made my back in need of a good stretch.


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