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Lately life seems to be happening faster than I can blog about it, which is in many ways a good thing. It’s also probably what Twitter was created for, but unfortunately, Twitter and I don’t quite get each other. We’re like co-workers who can get along perfectly well in the workplace, but in social situations we just sort of stare awkwardly at each other and make lame comments about the weather.

Anyway, the things! I must blog them!

Thing #1) If you haven’t read “The Girl Who Welcomed Death to Svalgearyen” in Beneath Ceaseless Skies because you prefer to have someone else read your fiction for you, you’re in luck! The story is now available as a shiny podcast, where it receives a wonderful narration by Tina Connolly. So if you’re in the mood for a lighthearted tale about death, go forth and listen!

Thing #2) Daily Science Fiction has launched a Kickstarter campaign.  Among the rewards being offered are short story critiques by DSF authors like myself and many other awesome people. So if you’re a writer, you have a chance to both support an awesome publication and get feedback from one of the authors they’ve published. If you’re not a writer, there are other rewards available, so check it out! Because DSF? Totally worth it, if you ask me.

Thing #3) If you’re reading this post on my website and notLivejournal (and really, are there more than like five of us even left on LJ at this point?), you may have noticed that things look a bit different. I didn’t plan to spend my entire weekend redesigning my website, but I did. Was I procrastinating? Yes. Should I have been writing instead? Yes. Do I regret it? No, because the whole process inadvertently led to me to The Copenhagen Chansonnier, a medieval music manuscript with awesomely whimsical drawings of things like the lady conversing with a snail dude in my website header. You’re welcome.

Thing #4) Somewhere in all of the craziness that is my schedule, fiction has been accomplished! I’ve finally gotten around to revising some flash pieces that I wrote back in January, right before my spring semester from hell devoured all of my writing time. One of those flash pieces has already sold, one is making the submission rounds, one needs just a bit more tweaking before I send it out, and the fourth one is no longer a flash story—it got expanded into a 3,400-word horror story and has just started wandering around Submission Land looking for work. And it has creepy puppets. With nasty defecation habits. Once again, you’re welcome.

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What's this? A post from me two days in a row? Next it will be dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system, onto the shameless plugging that brought me here. I'm pleased to be appearing with several lovely fellow writerly types in Trespass, a speculative fiction anthology now available in Kindle format. My story "The Wounded House" (originally published in issue 20 of Black Static) is included along with stories by Daniel Ausema, Nyki Blatchley, Lindsey Duncan, Lydia Kurnia, Jonathan S. Pembroke, Leslianne Wilder, and Erika Wilson. Only $0.99 US, £0.77 UK!
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Sorry to resurface with nothing but pimpage, but it's about all I have time for until the Semester Workload from Hell is over. That said, onto the shameless self-promotion:

* Yesterday I was lying; today I'm babbling about suspension of disbelief and what the phrase actually means over at Penumbra eMag's blog.

* I've added my story "The Wounded House" (originally published in issue 20 of Black Static) to my stories available for purchase at AnthologyBuilder.

* And I'm dreadfully behind in giving a shout out for this, but Not Just Rockets and Robots: Daily Science Fiction Year Onewhich includes my stories from Daily Science Fiction's first year of publishing ("God's Gift to Women" and "A Song Never Tasted"), is available for purchase.

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First, Izzy David's podcast of my story "The Little Things" is now up at Every Day Fiction. Please have a listen and rate it if you feel so moved.

Second, story sale! I'm pleased to say that my story "Ghost Writer to the Dead" has been accepted for Penumbra's October 2012 Edgar Allan Poe issue.

And finally, so it's not all about me, some pimpage for writerly compatriot [ profile] marshallpayne1, who has recently released two novels, Petrol Queen and Jimmy-Don and the Texas Hill Country Ordeal. I haven't had a chance to read them myself just yet (because I'm a horribly slow reader with a very large to-read pile), but if they're anything like Marshall's short fiction, they'll make for a fun, quirky read. You can find links to them on his Amazon author page.

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Sorry to be posting nothing but pimpage lately. Soon there will be substance. Soon. But in the meantime, my story "The Sins of the Living" is part of the latest podcast at Tales to Terrify, along with other stories by some other fine horror-writing folks.

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Three more weeks until the semester ends and I might actually have time to be an active blogger again. Emphasis on the might part given the way my crazy schedule goes.

In the meantime, I've briefly surfaced for two quick bits of cheery news:

1) My story "Sea of the Gods" was accepted by BayCon to appear in their next upcoming progress report. They were originally going to publish only one flash piece in a progress report, but lucky for me, they decided to publish a second one.

2) And my opera-singer-meets-the-zombie-apocalypse story "The Holy Spear" from Black Static 25 made Ellen Datlow's full list of honorable mentions for The Best Horror of the Year, volume 4

Now back to those looming end-of-semester deadlines.
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As promised in my previous cobweb-clearing post, I have pimpage:

First, I'm pleased to say that my story "The Cycle of the Sun" is now out in issue 18 of My Odyssey classmates will possibly remember this one as "the orgy story." Though the orgy's a lot tamer than it was in that first draft. That pesky plot thing seemed to think it deserved more attention.

And second, I'm also pleased to say that two of my stories--"The Holy Spear" (originally published in issue 25 of Black Static) and "The Sins of the Living" (originally published in Dark Recesses)--are going to be included somewhere down the road on the new horror podcast Tales to Terrify, sister podcast to the Hugo-winning StarShipSofa. The podcast has already featured stories by awesome folks like Joe Lansdale and Gene Wolfe, so go check it out!
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Rising from the blogging dead for a brief moment of pimpage, which will be followed by a full-fledged, non-pimpage post in the next week or so. Promise.

So, the pimpage: Wilde Stories 2011: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction, which includes my story "Mortis Persona," appears to be out now. The anthology includes a lot of other great stuff, so please do check it out if you're so inclined!
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And there I go disappearing from LJ again. It's been crazy lately!

Anyway, I'm emerging for a brief and belated moment of pimpage (apologies for shameless self-promotion being the bulk of my posts anymore): the July 2011 issue of the young adult magazine Beyond Centauri, which includes my story "Unlucky Clover," is out. "Unlucky Clover" is a sequel of sorts to my similarly titled (and much shorter) story "Lucky Clover," which appeared in Flash Fiction Online in March 2008.

*crawls back into the Pit Of Too Much To Do*

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Holy crap, has it really been that long since I've been on LJ? Sorry not to have been keeping up with my lovely flisters lately, but life has continued to dance on the insane side of the fence. Hopefully come fall I'll be able to settle back into a blog reading and writing routine. Until then, I'll probably remain my current scattershot, occasionally resurfacing self.

In the meantime, here's the bullet points of what I've been up to in the writing department:

* My zombie apocalypse story "The Holy Spear" has been accepted by Black Static. This will be my second appearance in their pages, which I'm thrilled about.

* Speaking of Black Static, reviewer Peter Tennant wrote a nice post about my story "The Wounded House" from issue 20 on his blog.

* Received my shiny contributor copy of Aoife's Kiss (10th anniversary issue) this morning. Pretty.

* Gearing up for this summer's TNEO workshop for Odyssey alum. As of last night, all the critiques I had to do are officially done! I've still got a ton of other things to do, but it's nice to put a big fat check mark next to that beast of an item.

* Unfortunately, progress on the writing front has been mostly non-existent. I got in a good afternoon of revision work on My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel a couple weeks ago, but otherwise, that's been kind of it. But now that TNEO critiques are out of the way, I can hopefully get back in gear. I've got some revisions to do on a short story, several flash pieces I should probably polish up and send out somewhere (anyone have suggestions on where to send an unabashedly liberal-leaning gay superhero flash story?), and then back to the novel grind.
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One day soon, I'll find enough hours in the day to return to posting and commenting on here with something resembling regularity again. In the meantime, please forgive me for a brief moment of pimpage: it looks like the 10th anniversary issue of Aoife's Kiss, which includes my story "The Deepening," is now out!

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1) First, I'll get the pimpage out of the way: The Best of Every Day Fiction, which includes my story "Dumping the Dead" and a slew of other flash fiction stories (including some fellow flisters), is now available.

2) Today the procrastination gods compelled me to take a look at the "ideas" folder on my computer where I throw whatever crumb of an idea lodges itself in my brain--from quotes I've overhead to phrases or titles that have popped into my head to full-fledged plot sketches. The crumbs in there stretch all the way back to high school, so there was a lot of...well, dreck. Cliches. Ideas that have been done to death and that I had no original spin on. Some that were just plain stupid. So I jettisoned some of the dead weight (though not all of it; occasionally, I've been able to mine something cool out of an otherwise craptastic idea). But most of the stuff in that folder is there for a good reason, so I now I find myself wanting to write 20 short stories all at once. Stupid lack of a clone.

3) I've been feeling restless. In need of some change--which will soon be coming, but not soon enough for impatient me. Appropriately, it wasn't all that long ago that a discussion group I was participating in raised a question about change and whether you're someone who resists it or welcomes it. As with so many things for me, it depends.

With some things, I easily fall into patterns. I'm the type of person who tends to gravitate toward sitting in the same seat on the train and will find myself getting irrationally annoyed if someone is already in it. But with a lot of other things, I get restless if things stay the same too long. I get bored if I have to perform the same piece of music too many times. One of the things I loved about college was having a different class schedule every semester, so I'm looking forward to that again with grad school. And one of the many things that appeals to me about writing fiction is that I can write a story, and then do something completely different with the next one. Different genre, different style, different point of view, different tense, you name it.

So now that I'm done rambling, feel free to chime in with your own thoughts on dealing with change. Love it? Hate it? Too busy changing your hair color to answer?
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I mentioned in a recent post that my story "Final Report" would be getting some podcast love in the near future. Well, the future is now. Or rather, the future was Saturday. So the future is the past? Anyway, "Final Report" was read on episode 258 of Paul Cole's Beam Me Up! program, and you can have a listen here: Beam Me Up!
And so it's not all about me, I'm going to pimp [ profile] shveta_thakrar 's story Lavanya and Deepika at Demeter's Spicebox. I had the chance to critique an earlier version of it and found it pretty awesome then, so I imagine it's even more awesome now.
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1) The non-shameless plug: Fantasy Magazine has a poll for the Best Fantasy Magazine Story of 2010. The shameless plug: my story "Mortis Persona" is among the stories you can vote for if you enjoyed it and feel so moved.

2) In a review of issue 20 of Black Static at Suite101, my story "The Wounded House" gets an "outstanding." I'll quite happily take that!

3) The readerly update: finished Zombies vs. Unicorns, and most definitely recommend it. Not every story in the anthology worked for me completely, but I thought they were all worth the read. My clear-cut favorites were Alaya Dawn Johnson's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (gay zombie romance for the win!) and Naomi Novik's "Purity Test" (snarky unicorns for the win!). Other standouts for me were "Bougainvillea" by Carrie Ryan, "The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn" by Diana Peterfreund, and "Inoculata" by Scott Westerfeld.
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The ever-so-awesome [ profile] bogwitch64 (aka Her Sparkly Majesty Terri-Lynne DeFino) has a book coming out.  It's called Finder, and it sounds as awesome as she is.  This is very shiny indeed.  You know what else is shiny?  Free books.  So if you'd like to try and win yourself a copy of Finder, here is the place:
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The spring 2010 issue of Alternative Coordinates is now available, which includes my story "The Name of Trust."  And it's the free story!  But I still recommend purchasing a copy of the issue for two reasons: 1) it's a cool mag worth supporting, and 2) you'll get to read a story from my TOC-mate [ profile] bondo_ba .
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Shimmer now has an Author Spotlight up on little old me, with me reading an excerpt from my Clockwork Jungle Book story "A Red One Cannot See."  I tend to hide under a desk when I hear my voice recorded, but please don't let that stop you from having a listen and checking out the other awesome Shimmer authors while you're at it.
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I shall celebrate by using the greenest icon I have while shamelessly resurrecting old pimpage:  "Lucky Clover," published at Flash Fiction Online in March 2008

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The Pimpage

Thanks to the fabulous world of automated internet stalking (aka Google Alerts), I've learned that you can now order Shimmer's Clockwork Jungle Book issue, which includes my story "A Red One Cannot See." My little lemur on a dirigible is alongside some darn fine company in this one, so yay! And in case all my LJ babbling isn't enough for you, there's also my author interview for the issue.

Things Accomplished Over Turkey Weekend

Thursday: Post-Turkey Sleepfest

Friday: Bought a much-needed new car--a shiny new Honda Fit, which I have dubbed the TARDIS. Because it really is bigger on the inside than it appears from the outside.

Saturday: Attempts to be a productive writer hindered by my brain thinking the best time to finally buckle down and focus is when I'm about to crawl into bed.

Sunday: Attempts to be a productive writer hindered by my brain thinking the best time to finally buckle down and focus is when I'm about to crawl into bed.

My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel

In keeping with the trend established over the weekend, my brain decided that two stops before I had to get off the train Monday morning was also a brilliant time to be productive. Forget about all that time spent on the seven or so stops before that. Nope, gotta wait until the last minute. Stupid brain.

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Despite the icon, Monday actually hasn't been too terrible.

The Pimping
I just got word that my story "Monkey Love" was selected for Every Day Fiction's 2009 "best of" anthology.

Speaking of flash fiction, my fellow '07 Odyssey mate [ profile] hildebabble  has some zombie-riffic goodness over at Everyday Weirdness.  Enjoy the Halloween-week fun, and you might want to consider zombie-proofing your home while you're at it.  Just in case.

The Writing
I started a new short story during this morning's train ride to work.  I'm only about 400 words into it, but that doesn't feel too shabby considering a) the train ride's only 20 minutes long, and b) during my not-all-that-long-ago writerly slog phase, I was lucky if I could get down 400 words after two hours.  I think (hope) this is going to be a fun one.


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