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The writing has been slow-going these last couple weeks, but there have at least been writing-related shiny things that I finally have time to post about:

* Shiny thing #1: My story "Notes on a Page" (along with some shiny pretty artwork by Nick Greenwood) is now out in issue 32 of Intergalactic Medicine Show.

* Shiny thing #2: I'm super late mentioning it, but a few weeks ago I got to babble over on my awesome Odyssey classmate Rebecca Roland's blog as part of her Thumbnail Thursday series.

* And last but certainly not least, shiny thing #3: I'm quite pleased to say that I recently received an acceptance from Daily Science Fiction for my story "Memories of Mirrored Worlds," to which I owe thanks to [ profile] stillnotbored's orphaned first sentence contest for the inspiration.
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Today I get to play over at Anaea Lay's blog as part of her Lies for Fun and Profit series. I sewed my interview answers into the flesh of a Starbucks barista who gave me incorrect change, then shipped the still-screaming barista to Anaea via stork. True story.
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1) Not that the world needs more of me babbling, but fellow Odyssey alum A.J. Cooper was lovely enough to do an interview with me over at his blog.

2) I've spent far too much of today transfixed by the internet train wreck that is Weird Tales and their now-revoked intent to publish the first chapter of the "thoroughly non-racist book" Saving the Pearls. If you somehow missed the WTFery, you can find a summary and related links here.

5) After getting back from vacation a couple weeks ago, I was determined to get lots of writing accomplished before before the fall semester craziness begins. Sadly, I have been failing miserably at that. I'll have a brief burst of productivity only to then turn into a total slug. Today, I was particularly slug-like. My brain, being the uncooperative evil thing that it is, seems amused by the irony that, after hosting a discussion night at TNEO called "Buffy the Rejection Slayer: Defeating Doubt, Procrastination & Other Writerly Demons," I am now totally getting my ass handed to me by those very demons. I think it's time to get out the stake.

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Fantasy Magazine has an author spotlight with me up today, in which I babble about "Mortis Persona."
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[ profile] writertracy has kindly done an author spotlight on me at her LJ, where I babble about my recent publication in Fantasy, writing groups, and other assorted writerly things.  And I throw in some zombie mentions for good measure.  You can read part 1 here and part here 2.

I apologize that this is quickly turning into "It's all about me!" spammage week, but I'm lacking in the time and brain power necessary to post about anything else at the moment.  And as the lovely [ profile] bogwitch64 likes to say, "Modesty is for suckers!"
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As part of his Meager Puddle of Limelight Awards, [ profile] jongibbs now has an interview with me on his LJ. So please feel free to come read and splash in the puddles with me HERE.


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