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1) A little over 800 words on the novel this past week.  Man, I wish I had more time to write.

2) I may have gotten ahead of myself in the recovery department for Ye Olde Foot Injury.  Here we are a month later and the foot was feeling fine after easing back into something resembling an exercise routine, so I figured it was safe to vary the yoga and pilates with 20 minutes on the elliptical strider.  The foot's response as I neared the 10-minute mark:  "Um, no."  Stubborn me still went for 15 minutes.  I don't think the foot was pleased.  Stupid foot.

3) After looking at the icky mounds of snow along our street the other day and cursing their refusal to just melt already, I commented to AsYouKnowBob, "We need a dragon."

4) I'm going to have to smack the next idiot whose response to the snow is "So much for global warming."

5) Time to do some more writing before bed.
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Fell off the face of the LJ planet for a bit there.  I just tried to catch up on my flist but quickly realized how laughable that was if I wanted to get anything else done this afternoon.  So I hope I didn't miss anything too terribly exciting.

The Best of Every Day Fiction Two, which includes my story "Monkey Love," is now available for purchase.

Injury Update
The foot injury from last week is amazingly improved.  Given how much it hurt last Thursday, I was quite surprised how much better it felt the very next day.  I even survived lots of walking around New York last weekend (tangent: so glad I had the chance to see Angela Lansbury on stage, for the awesome is strong with her).  The foot's a little twingy sometimes, and it'll probably be another week before I consider doing any serious exercise or wearing heels again, but I'm relieved it hasn't turned into the Injury Drama I feared it would.

The Writerly Update
I've been finding it hard to post lately.  A lot of that has to do with being insanely busy, but a lot also has to do with a general feeling of demoralization on the non-writing side of writing.  I was tempted to whine about it, but then a silly little fortune cookie of all things gave me a proper bitch-slapping yesterday: 

Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm for writing I've still got, particularly with the novel rewrite.  Speaking of:

29200 / 118000

I got about another 2,000 words into chapter 8 over the past week or so.  Considering how limited my writing time has been recently, that's not too shabby at all for me.  And given the nature of the revisions, progress isn't just about the wordage.  I didn't add many new words yesterday, but I did a whole mess of figuring out how to tackle the rest of this chapter--what can be cut, what should be moved, what needs to be added or completely rewritten.  The cutting and streamlining feels particularly good.  This chapter started out rather long and was a bit slow in parts, so I think (hope) trimming it down is going to make for a much tighter and better-paced read.

And to two characters in particular, I just want to say: THANK YOU. For finally talking to me, that is. See how much better everything is when you open up a little and let me know what's going on inside your heads? You two gave me so much trouble in earlier drafts, and a lot of people didn't like you because of it.  But now?  Well, it'll be some time before anyone reads the rewrite, but I think both of you stand a far better chance of winning people over now.
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Not much progress on the novel rewrite so far this month, but it's something at least.

27300 / 118000

Unfortunately, I missed out on this morning's usual train ride writing session.  Coming home from work last night, I slipped at the train station and twisted my foot.  Walking on it last night didn't hurt too badly, but my pain threshold tends to be pretty high (as in I once rehearsed a dance number for a show two or three times through on what ended up being a broken foot before I finally acknowledged that maybe I ought to sit down and put some ice on it instead of doing the next number, which involved doing a cartwheel off of someone's lap).  So I iced it and tried to stay off it and all that good stuff.  But as soon as I put weight on it this morning, it hurt like a mofo.  So instead of going to work, I went to the doctor, who thinks I strained the tendons.  Probably no fracture, thankfully.  Been there, done that, don't care to revisit.

Looking on the bright side, since today has been an unexpected day away from the day-job (good thing I'm ahead of the curve with my deadlines there!), I should be able to get in some work on the novel this evening instead of the usual come-home-and-collapse routine. 


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