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I'll have more to babble about with this particular story after the holiday weekend, but for now I only have time for a quick moment of pimpage: issue 20 of Black Static, which includes my story "The Wounded House," is now out.  Looks like an issue full of awesome.  Cue the squee!

And in the meantime, merry Festivus! I think getting out of bed to go to work this morning counts toward Feats of Strength.  And the Airing of Grievances is well under way.

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Don't know how I missed this one when sharing my favorite music for this season yesterday:

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Tis the season when I fall off the face of the blogosphere and fail to keep up with you lovely people for days at a time because I'm trying to squeeze entirely too many things in to entirely too few hours (I'm sure many of you can relate).  Recent conversations in my house have frequently included variations on the following:
AsYouKnowBob: Let's rehearse.  What are you going to say next year when someone asks you to volunteer for something?

I can't, I'm in grad school.

Good, now again.

I can't, I'm in grad school.
Anyway, on to the reason for much of the crazy busy: Solsticemas.  Or at least that's what I decided to start calling it last year.  Being a former-Catholic-turned-agnostic-Unitarian-Universalist, I think Solsticemas more accurately sums up what I celebrate this time of year.

And because I'm a musician, Solsticemas of course needs a proper soundtrack.  I'm easily bored by a lot of traditional holiday music; years and years of practicing for holiday concerts and Christmas services every week from September through December will do that to you.  AsYouKnowBob and I therefore look for seasonal music that either isn't the same-old-same-old or that offers a different and/or quirky take on the traditional stuff.  I shared a couple of these last year, but I thought I'd share even more of my favorites this time around:

Musical geekery under the cut... )

I could go on, but that's all I have the time and brain power for right now, so I'll spare you all from further musical geekery.
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I shall celebrate by using the greenest icon I have while shamelessly resurrecting old pimpage:  "Lucky Clover," published at Flash Fiction Online in March 2008

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I've been trying to come up with a coherent post for the last several days, but my brain is rebelling. So I'm gonna give up and leave it at wishing everyone merriness in whatever form they prefer. For me, I think I need to rename what I celebrate this time of year Solsticemas, because it is sort of a hodgepodge.

Wait, I do have one more coherent thought in the form of another Musical Christmas Wackiness recommendation: Barenaked for the Holidays by Barenaked Ladies. These guys managed to make me not hate "Jingle Bells," which is quite an accomplishment (the only others to accomplish this were the Tuvan throat singers on the Bela Fleck album I mentioned in my last entry).  It helps that Barenaked Ladies embrace the song's inherent obnoxiousness and include the "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg" verse.

So on that note, 5 and a half hours of work tomorrow, and then I'm off until January.  Woo hoo!
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I was going to try slogging through the rest of that short story I had started, but during my trainride writing time these past two days, what started out as me jotting down one quick note about my next novel chapter turned into me jotting down revision notes for the next 20 minutes until I was at my stop.  I was so deep into brainstorming mode today that I almost missed my stop. 

I get the hint, Brain. You want to work on the novel.  We can do that. No one's tossing any short story deadlines in my direction, so we might as well go where the inspiration is.

On a completely different note...

Musical Christmas Wackiness

Years of choral singing has meant that, by this point in December, I'm usually pretty damn sick of most Christmas music because I've been working on it since September. So out of a need to find appropriate tree trimming accompaniment that isn't yet another boring rendition of the same old song, AsYouKnowBob and I look for Christmas albums of the offbeat-enough-that-you-probably-won't-hear-it-on-those-radio-stations-that-start-playing-Christmas-music-nonstop-in-November variety.  Listening to one of those albums has put me in the mood to spread the love.  So I bring you the first of my Musical Christmas Wackiness offerings: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones' Jingle All the Way.  It's Christmas music. With Tuvan throat singing.  And banjo. It is made of awesome.
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Dear Santa,

Remember those story acceptances I was getting that suddenly disappeared about 4 or 5 months ago? I would like a steady lifetime supply of those for Christmas. It would be really swell if you could throw some pro-paying markets into the mix too.

And I think I've been good this year, so here are a few other items I'd like as well: a new brain in proper working order, more hours in the day so that I can actually get things done without sacrificing precious sleep time, a healthy advance on my first novel even though I still have to finish revising the darn thing, a cool super power (preferably the Jedi mind trick), and a puppy.

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The Amazing Expanding and Contracting Story has expanded yet again.  I cut two hefty chunks of scene-age but apparently compensated elsewhere--the darn thing's 100 words longer now.  Luckily, at 7,400 words, I think the rewrite's done now.  Or at least I hope it's done now.  I'm going to give that puppy a proofread tomorrow, and then it's out the door.

Once that's out the door, I have a story featuring the drunken ghost of Edgar Allen Poe that I need to finish by the end of the month.  And then there's a gazillion other stories demanding attention.  Unfortunately, productivity has been moving at slug-like speeds.  I've been having far too many extended moments of staring at the computer thinking, "I have no talent, and I must scream."

On a completely unrelated note, I've been wanting a new Christmas tree topper for a while now.  My dream has been to have a big flamey Eye of Sauron tree topper, a la Foxtrot. No such luck finding that, but I think I may have stumbled upon the next best thing:  a Yoda lighted tree topper.
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Happy Halloween!

A reprint of my story "Troll Bait" is now out in the current issue of Flash Me Magazine.  You can read the issue's feature story online for free, but you have to subscribe to read the rest.  This is a special all-fantasy issue, so if you like both flash and fantasy, it may be worth your dollar to check out.

And now, it's time to go celebrate Halloween in the best way I know how: working on a story that features the drunken ghost of Edgar Allen Poe, then choosing some Halloween-themed DVDage to view.  Hmmm, will it be Buffy episodes or Army of Darkness this year? 

But first, I need to go fix the faux spider web outside my front door.  All the wind and rain we've had this week has wreaked havoc, so it's a rather sad-looking web at present.


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