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In theory, I should have had more writing time last week.  In actuality, I didn't make a lick of progress on the short story I had started the week before.  But today?  Oh, today was surprisingly lovely for a Monday.  For what felt like the first time in ages, I sat down and just cranked out first draftage for three solid uninterrupted hours.  About 1,400 words in all, which is pretty damn good for slow-going me.  It's all crappy first draftage, yes, but I think (hope) it's going to clean up nicely.  When the story's done, that is.  I usually get a good sense early on about how long a story is going to be, and I think this one's going to push the 6K mark, at least.

In other and unrelated news: shiny new Apple trackpad!  I'm quite loving this thing.  It doesn't make my hand all crampy and achy like a mouse would do after a day at the computer.
babarnett: (doctor who k9) shiny new iMac! The downside is that I didn't get much done today other than playing with the shiny new iMac, but that's ok, because shiny new iMac!

I did get things done the rest of the week, though, so here's the productivity report:

Reading: Chapters 4 and 5 in Bitterwood, and I believe I'm up to chapter 30 in listening to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (my god is JS&MN a long damn book)

Exercise: I've been entirely too obsessed with Wii Fit this week.  Especially the rhythmic boxing. But i should start alternating with some non-Wii exercise sessions.

Music: The usual round of rehearsals, lessons, and practicing.

Writing: I've gotten about 1,100 words into the zombie story revision. Not as much as I would have liked, but good progress given the whole one day I managed to work on it. 

Writing Business: Lots of stories have been coming and going out the door this week. Somebody buy something already, damn it!
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* Snuck in a bonus productivity day on Saturday. The lovely [ profile] shvetufae and I deposited our writerly selves down with some tasty tea beverages that afternoon, during which time I got all of chapter 3 revised (yay for short chapters largely unaffected by major plot changes!), and even got the zombie story revision underway as well.

* After downloading the free trial to my Macbook over the weekend, I think I may be a little bit in love with Scrivener.

* My PC desktop isn't on its last leg yet, but it's slow and pisses me off a lot. So the decision has been made--I'm getting me an iMac.

* I need to stop rambling and go to bed. Because that whole thing last night where I went to bed at 2, didn't fall asleep until after 3, and then woke up again sometime after 4 when a car accident a couple blocks away resulted in the smashy boom sound and the power outage and the eerie green light show when the transformer went kaplooey? Yeah, that didn't make for a good night's sleep. And tomorrow morning, I'm going to regret having been so punchy right now.
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In other words, I just finished the last of my TNEO crits today.  As of mid-June, I only had two left to go, but between the time spent on the previous TNEO stories and the critting I have to do for my in-person writing group every other week, I kept putting those two off because I was so darn sick of critiquing.  Every time I picked up a story, I was overcome with an insanely strong compulsion to check my email and tidy up my office files and add music to iTunes and work on my own stories and make to-do lists.

Amazingly, I didn't delve into LJ very much for diversion.  In fact, I've been a little neglectful.  I've been reading my friends list posts, but only occasionally chiming in.  So in case you've been losing sleep over it, I am still alive.  Doesn't feel like it sometimes, though.  I think I require more caffeine.

Oh, and back to the subject of critiques and writing groups and the like, a big old thank you to [profile] squirrel_monkey for her visit to our humble little Philly group last weekend.  It made for an awesomely writerly afternoon.

In other news, I am officially a Mac convert now.  My shiny new Macbook arrived last week, and I love it.  I still have a PC as my desktop (I wasn't planning to get a new laptop until my old one started crapping out on me), but when that puppy starts to die, it's getting replaced with a Mac.

I've also got my TNEO lecture all ready to go.  I think it'll be fun.  There are entirely too many awesome scenes I could use for the exercises I'll have folks doing, though, which made it hard to choose a few that would fit into the allotted time.  But choose I did.

Anyway, now that I've gotten all that down, it's back to critiquing non-TNEO stuff.  And then *gasp* doing a little of my own writing.

Got Air?

Jun. 23rd, 2008 04:56 pm
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My laptop has gone from frustrating me with its increasingly more frequent moments of excruciating slowness (I should not be able to go upstairs and make a sandwich in less time than it takes Word to open, especially when no other programs are running) to beginning its death throes.  The infamous Blue Screen of Death even put in an appearance last week. 

Having gotten progressively disillusioned with the world of PCs, I've spent the past several months saying "I am so getting a Mac next time," and I meant it.  I was planning to get a regular old MacBook to replace my current laptop, but then I started checking out the MacBook Air, and my geeky little heart did leaps of joy.  There are many things about Air that make me happy.  It is a bit more expensive, though, and there are some downsides, like no built-in ethernet for those times when Wi-Fi isn't an option.  And there's no DVD drive for watching movies.  Granted, I can count on one hand, maybe two, the number of DVDs I've watched on my laptop in the three  years I've owned it, but when watching a DVD is what you want to do, it's nice to be able to, oh, do it.  And apparently you you need to purchase the additional physical CD/DVD drive if you want to run Windows through the Boot Camp feature, which is something I'd like to be able to do.

OK, I was going to ask for opinions or any personal experience you all might have, but after typing all that out, I think I may have successfully talked myself out of the oh-so-light-and-shiny MacBook Air and back to my original plan.


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